Lord Shiva, Mahadev

Goddess Prachi –

Clairvoyant Angel Therapy Practitioner, Lightworker and Spiritual Healer

Goddess Prachi was born in India and was raised in the Middle East. Her connection to the Spiritual realm was established from early childhood while she was being raised in a spiritually rich culture and family. Her ability to connect with people’s emotions and getting messages about their life’s happenings was a regular but uncomforting process that occurred throughout her life until she realised her life purpose upon moving to Canada and marrying her Twin Flame. Her intuitive power and clairaudience abilities have drastically evolved with the process of her self-realisation. Meditation became a must for her in order to stay attuned with her spiritualistic realm and was soon incorporated into her lifestyle. Her ability to help others by offering spiritual remedies in form of chanting life changing Mantras and angelic guidance led her to get professional training and certification in energy healing practice. She has acquired training and certification in Angel Card and Akashic Records reading, Mediumship, Reiki healing, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and Qi Qong Healing. Prachi holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and worked as an Employment Counsellor/Career Coach, Human Resources Manager, Metaphysical Life Coach and Workshop Facilitator for several years. She is here to share her divine light as a lightworker with spiritual beings in need of self-realisation.


Om Namaha Shivaya! Namaste!

Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires

Life Purpose, Career and Finance: New Opportunities and Promotion

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Health and Healing

Angel Reading Parties

Teaching and Life Coaching

John of God crystal bed healing

Event Updates: Goddess Prachi is offering Angel Readings at a special discount price at the upcoming Metaphysical Show in Toronto hosted by Crystal Dreams on Dec 1st and 2nd. Her Booth no is: 116. For more info please click Readings by Goddess Prachi at the Metaphysical Show in Toronto

Certified by Goddess Fatima-Melo-Filipovich

Most sessions are available in-person and online

Please contact us at angels.are.always.around.you@gmail.com or text at 647-893-5338 for any personal queries

You could also follow me on my Instagram account @angels.are.always.around.you as well as on my facebook page @goddessprachi (Goddess Prachi - Psychic Medium and Angel Card readings) for updates and to book any session with me

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