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Akashic Records Readings

Past Life Akashic Readings

"Having been raised in a spiritually rich culture, which has in its roots the existence of supernatural phenomenon of past lives and re-incarnation, Goddess Prachi has a divine gift of connecting to past lives and reading through channeling with Gods, Goddesses, Archangels to open the records in your readings. Situations that haunt us or trouble us in our day to day lives, their reasons may not always be found in our current lifetimes. They are at times related to our previous life times which have surfaced in this lifetime for a reason/purpose. Goddess Prachi helps you unfold those hidden reasons in order for you to understand the root cause of these situations and come to terms with it and deal with them in the right manner. She believes in the process of Karma, a cause and effect cycle of our actions; what goes around, must come around! A water leak that you did not fix 2 years ago has resulted in a mould situation today. You can temporarily fix it but in order to prevent it from reoccurring you will have to go back and fix the water leak! Know the root cause of your situations and remedy them effectively by help of Akashic Records readings by Goddess Prachi"

Goddess Prachi offers 1 hour and half an hour Akashic Records Readings in-person, phone and skype

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