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Angel and Fairy Readings

Angel Readings

"We all are surrounded by Angels and they are always communicating with us, however, we are not observant enough to get the right messages they offer. Goddess Prachi’s belief is not only to communicate what your Angels are telling you of your past, present and future; current situations and remedies, but to help you attain a level where you can yourself communicate with your Angels and ask them for help. When you book a reading with her, the Angles that work closely with you, that have messages for you are called upon and their messages flow through her to you, often by way of psychic communication and/or through Angel Cards. Only the right and relevant cards will show up answering your questions and/or about your situations depending upon the kind of energy you are in"

Goddess Prachi offers 1 hour and half an hour Angel and Fairy Readings in-person, phone and skype

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