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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping)

EFT Tapping

A high percentage of people find immediate physical, emotional and mental relief with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Tapping is a simple but effective energy healing technique that combines hypnosis, meditation, and acupressure (without the needles).

You can learn it in a matter of minutes and apply it right away in your daily life schedule to relieve you of stressful situations in your life or the life of others. It is an extremely powerful self-healing process that releases all fears, negative thoughts and any blockages that is in your way of success and achieving  your life purpose.

With Tapping and using the positive 'I AM' affirmations you can have profound changes in your life!  Start your day by Tapping your way to Happiness.

Do you or your loved-ones need… Healing, Love, Success, Peace of mind, Wealth?

Its time to start Tapping using the Law of Attraction!  Achieve your goals today and know that Universe is your abundant supply and that you are the Divine child of Universe! You deserve the best!

I AM that I AM and that I AM is ABUNDANCE! Om Namaha Shivaya!

Weight loss, Quit Smoking, Pain Control, Passing Exams, Attracting Life Purpose, Attracting Love, Attracting Money, Attracting Positive friends, Attracting Clients, Have a peaceful family, Taking Action, Letting go, Release Phobias, Clearing Clutter mind/home/office.

Goddess Prachi uses this technique in some of her Psychic Reading and Healing sessions with the clients based on her communication with the Angels and Masters

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