Hypnosis Healing

Hypnosis  is a magical healing process and a deep form of meditation that uses positive affirmations to talk to the sub-conscious mind of the person. During this process the masters work with your body and sub-conscious mind to free  you from  all the negativities and negative  energy that you are carrying. This healing method will help you with the following:

Lose Weight, Stop Smoking and other Addictions, Karma Releasing, Create Unlimited Financial Abundance,Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Super-Boost your energy to achieve your manifestations using Law of Attraction, Sleep Deeply, Stop Being Angry, Stop Procrastinating, Heal Your Broken Heart When Grief Hurts, Develop Successful Relationships, Develop a Powerful Memory, Overcome any fears that you have,Motivate you to Exercise & Fitness… Make your energy positive & Increase Your Energy at all your chakra levels. Train your sub-conscious mind to be free from all negative thoughts!

Psychic Goddess Prachi offers 1 hour and half an hour Hypnosis healing in-person


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