John of God Crystal bed healing

The Crystal Bed experience combines the power of colors with light and Crystals. This unique combination creates a beneficial stimulation on many physical and energetic levels. These healing therapies are channeled by the Healing Spirit Guides of the Casa de Dom Inacio. The illuminated crystals create a portal for Healing Spirit Guides to channel the healing energy to the client who is receiving the Crystals bed therapy. Each color transmitting from a Crystal is connected to your corresponding Chakra. Your seven Chakras are cleansed,  energized and brought into balance.


The following are the benefits:

  • Harmonizes the chakras, Helps Releasing your Past Life

  • Creates feeling of peace and well being, 

  • Recharges the body, while creating, a deeper insight, of well being. 

  • Helps with pain,  headaches,  vision, sleep disorders, and stress anxiety.

  • Provides deep relation and increased energy. 

  • Enhances your sight,  senses, taste,  sound, touch, and smell.

  • Creates feeling of peace and well being.

Goddess Prachi offers 1 hour and half an hour John of God Crystal bed sessions in-person


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