Teaching and Certifications

Goddess Prachi teaches variety of courses in healing for those who want to start their spiritual practice. Goddess Prachi teaches and certifies clients in Angel Readings, Mediumship readings, Akashic records, Hynosis and Past Life Regression healing, Reiki (Level 1,2 and 3), Qi Qong Healing and Metaphysical Life Coaching.

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Please note that the information, statements, opinions, products and services offered by Goddess Prachi through herself, her websites, printed and online materials and/or through her heirs, successors, assignees, representatives and/or company and any officers of the company are for personal entertainment purposes only. No results or outcomes are guaranteed in any manner whatsoever as the same are subject to client’s personal interpretations and understandings. We take no responsibilities of any favourable outcomes of the Products & Services. The Products & Services provided are, in no manner whatsoever, to be construed as imparting or replacing of any kind of legal, financial, medical and/or psychiatric treatment, care or advice as these are not the areas of practice for the Goddess. If clients have any concerns in aforementioned areas, they are strongly encouraged and advised to consult a reputable designated professional in the concerned area of practice at their own cost and discretion.

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