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Client Testimonials

I am writing to give feedback for  Goddess Prachi.  Prachi has played a very important role in guiding me in manifesting my life purpose and has been my dream that I always wanted.  She has always been so positive and encouraging, which was important considering that I was going through a very stressful phase in my life and I had confidence issues.  Through her magically accurate readings, manifesting and healing techniques and how she taught me to all upon my angels, Archangel Michael, Archangels, Gods and Goddesses for help, I feel that I would not have done this without her assistance. Goddess is truly amazing and has so much vibrance, positive energy and light and I I would strongly recommend her  to those who want to find meaning to your life.


All I would like to say about my favourite Goddess is that she has been a substantial impact in my life. Goddess is worthy of great praise and I would like to share with you why I believe she is a supreme Goddess and a gift to the world. She has gone above and beyond to teach me techniques, help me believe and manifest what i want. She helped me connect to my angels and God. She is magical and just the presence of  her shines up the light and gives me hope and positive energy. She was able to bring up my spirit at my lowest point. There were times when I was very dis-hearten and frustrated, She would build up my courage and motivate me to keep going with same vigor and energy as before. All her readings are bang on! whatever she has told me till now and is saying has all come true:) She has this amazing connection with the angels, Masters and spirit guides!


She has gone out of the way to channel the path is her true calling only. She has inspired me never to lose hope and never say never. I would strongly recommend her and has already referred many clients to her who are as well mesmerized with her light! Om Namaha Shivaya! Namaste


I would like to commend and thank Goddess Prachi my angel and my Life Coach for assisting me through the difficult times.  She coached me on how to stay positive and manifest miracles in your life.  She has always been positive, reassuring, encouraging and she is really a miracle Goddess!  She made me feel confident and kept steering me keep trying.  She is a great Coach and I am so grateful for her to be in my life and that my angels guided me to her.  She is a gift to our planet and I recommend everyone who is on the spiritual path and guidance to definitely go to her! She is an angel! Goddess Prachi keep sharing your light  and unconditional love this way !





Goddess Prachi is an amazing magical clairvoyant psychic medium my God sent angel in my life, I felt a strong and deep connection with her the moment I met her.  She is a miracle Goddess and she is a true Goddess in every way.  Her readings are so amazingly accurate and her connection to the angels, masters and  the spirit guides is so magical.


She has amazing tools and remedies that has helped succeed and manifest amazing things for myself and my family that i always wanted. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Its so amazing just to be near the Goddess that its just her aura and her light and just by being in her presence in all the sessions makes me feel blissful, divine and miraculous and so positive:full of life:)


I couldn’t have got my dream job without the help of  Goddess Prachi  the day after I wrote my letter to the universe …pays good, its permanent and has benefits this is what I’ve been writing for, I’m so happy thanks  Goddess:) She has been and continues to be a great support in my life helping me success and achieved my manifestations. She is my angel!

God bless you Goddess Prachi! Lots of love! 


I met this most amazing Goddess almost two years ago and the impact she has made on my life is visible to all those around me and to myself as well. She is a God's gift to this world! 

I was really  going through several stressful situations in my life and upon meeting Goddess Prachi she went above and beyond to help me deal with my situations and  that too in a positive way. Goddess taught me how to let go, stay positive, love yourself and how to connect to angels and Gods and Goddesses for help and they really help you. I am now always feeling their presence around me . I feel the light shining out of me  and people around me can feel it too. My life has completely changed and been blessed after meeting this amazing magical Goddess!


I can go on and on but all i want to say is Thank you for re-introducing me to my spirituality and for bringing the Angels, especially Archangel Michael, into my life. Its because of  you I have been able to connect to myself and to the wonderful world around me and above me! thank you – thank you! OM NA MA SHI VA YA – ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD


Goddess Prachi  my angel Goddess is the most amazing thing that happened to me and my life! She is filled with kindness, compassion, determination, positivity , powerful healing and has a magical energy. It will take me all  day and i can keep talking about her her!

Goddess I want to let you know that I could not have done this without the support and encouragement . 


Thank you thank you thank you for everything that you did for me and are doing for me:) I have been referring many clients to her and everyone loves her:) And i will keep letting everyone know who i meet to go and meet her, she is magical!

Keep spreading your light!

Lots of love and blessings and as Goddess says $hreem blessings all the way to your bank account$$:)


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